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Many organisations struggle with the ultimate question! An ISO system that is either paper based or compliance software?

Assured Health and Safety have been associated with the safety industry for over 20 years and are able to provide innovative platforms, software and systems to assist in implementing Work Health and Safety (OHS), Quality Assurance and Environmental systems. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Paper Based Advantages

Cost effective compared to expensive compliance software.

Ideal for small and family businesses without an enormous burden to implement.

Can be uploaded to compliance software as required.

Paper Based Disadvantages

Control of documentation in medium to large organisation is a compliance issue.

No transparency as to just how well implemented the system actually is within the organisation.

Paper based systems always incur higher certification costs due to the level of work required to demonstrate compliance.

Compliance Software Advantages

Control of documentation is improved from the paper based model.

Most employees have access to record WHS/OHS, QA and EM processes.

Accessible from smart devices to varying degrees.

Compliance Software Disadvantages

Expensive set up costs and then ongoing monthly or annual costs.

A reasonable amount of training is required to keep the users operating the software correctly and meeting compliance.

With improved Cloud based software and Apps (Office 365) the same outcomes are achieved for a fraction of the cost of compliance software.

The Alternative!

At Assured Health and Safety we can set up a process structured in the Cloud using programs like Office 365 that offers a simple and easy option for compliance and that has full transparency for auditing purposes. To have a transparent system showing the key elements of compliance then linked to the evidence that supports the functioning process is the best alternative.

The Compliance Manager has a full overview of the key elements of the ISO WHS/OHS, QA and EM system across the organisation within moments. Processes required for auditing, compliance and certification are quick and easy to view in the one program both on and offline. Transparency is seen immediately and certification cost are reduced considerably. We build your ISO Cloud specifically to the size and requirements of your organisation with no ongoing costs.

We have worked with small to large organisations on many different key elements of compliance and have extensive experience in industry standards, government legislation, international standards, contract and tender processes.

We look forward being able to assist you!

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