What is Safe-T-Hub?
Safe-T-Hub is an innovative platform that allows safety information and material to be easily displayed and communicated on a cloud based platform as the centre for your safety processes. Easy to access and accessible from any smart phone, tablet or computer at anytime. We provide your organisation with a specific platform tailored to your industry, organisation, safety processes and safety culture.

How does Safe-T-Hub work?
On an online automated platform:
  • A day counter is displayed of your last notifiable incident.
  • A safety employee photo and award are posted with the reason for selection.
  • An electronic noticeboard displays your latest safety policies.
  • Links to recognised external industry safety authorities are provided.
  • A chatbox is available for employee communication and consultation.
  • Quarterly newsletters outlining industry safety news are automatically sent.
  • Quarterly email reminders are sent requesting employees to sign in and view the updated information in Safe-T-Hub.
  • A report can be generated to ensure employees are contributing to the safety culture.
What are the benefits of Safe-T-Hub?
  • Safe-T-Hub can add value to an organisation’s current safety culture and processes, with no additional resources required.
  • Industry related safety material is emailed and posted for every worker to view and providing additional safety awareness.
  • Updated policies and safety information are available immediately for all to view.
  • Employees are trained and educated by the right experienced industry sources.
  • You can focus on what you do best while Safe-T-Hub assists your organisation with your safety culture.
  • Safe T Hub designed specific to your organisation: $400.00
  • Monthly subscription based on a 12 month contract: $50-$100*/month
  • *(Based on 50-400 employees)

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